Company History

The history of MRH (GB) Limited

1997: The Malthurst group is founded. Based in Epping, Essex, with 13 employees, the business begins trading with 25 service stations. 

1997-2004: The group continues to grow through the acquisition of both freehold and leasehold service station properties. By 2004, over 100 service stations are in operation.

2004-2006: Malthurst makes significant site acquisitions from Fuelforce, Texaco and BP.

2007: MRH (GB) Limited is established by a small group of Malthurst founders to combine Malthurst and another fuel operator – the Refined Holdings Group, which included the former Kuwait Petroleum (G.B.) business - under common ownership. The total number of service stations owned and operated by the MRH (GB) Limited group is just over 200, making MRH the largest independent owner and operator of service stations in the UK.

2009: Fuel sales volumes reach 1 billion litres per annum.

2010: By 2010, MRH has over 300 service stations in its portfolio.

2013: MRH launches its ‘Hursts’ convenience store brand.

2014: MRH opens its first Subway franchise.

2015: MRH completes two major site acquisitions from Esso, totaling 78 sites. By the end of 2015 MRH owns and operates 451 service stations.

2016: MRH is acquired by new owners. Dr. Karen Dickens, previously at ExxonMobil, is appointed CEO. Fuel sales volumes reach 2 billion litres per annum. MRH launches its first Greggs franchise. Spring Petroleum Company Ltd is acquired, adding 26 company operated sites to the MRH portfolio.

2017: MRH launches its new Hursts ‘Grab and Go’ offer and its first Costa franchise is opened. MRH continues to expand in the South West with the acquisition of Chartman and Peregrine, totalling 15 sites. MRH remains the leading independent forecourt retailer in the UK, with a portfolio of 491 sites stretching from Cornwall to the North of Scotland.